I want to be nice, really I do. It's like nagging my husband, I don't want to nag him but if he said he's going to do something and doesn't, I am compelled to nag him. Then the cycle begins, I nag, he gets annoyed and I get annoyed at his annoyance. Ugh. But I digress...

Over the years I have received many compliments on the Pebwin website. There's lots of information there as well as history and fun stuff about the dogs. So when I make information easily available in a readable format that answers all the questions you proceed to ask after you have been referred to said information, what am I to think? Well, first I wonder if you actually read it. Second I wonder if you did read it, why you have chosen to ignore it and ask anyway? Thirdly I wonder if it's because you think it might apply to others just not to you (an unfortunate sign of the times, I am afraid).

Honestly, I do want to be nice but....some things really do make me a tad, shall we say, cranky.

I don't believe any of the requirements I make for the buyers of our pups are unreasonable or unrealistic. I make these stipulations for the good of the pups, for their safety and well being because I care deeply about them. Why if you have acres of conservation abutting your property or live on a "very quiet cul-de-sac" would I ask you to fence an area for your pup? Because unless you are dropped onto your property by helicopter, there is a road to reach your home. Roads mean cars, cars mean activity. Dogs are drawn to activity. Dogs and moving vehicles = dead dogs, end of story. And please do not tell me you will always, no matter what, be outside with your dog. I'm a dog person, have been all my life, and I don't go outside with my dog in a blizzard, a torrential rainstorm or during a hurricane. I open the back door to my FENCED YARD and send Fluffy out to do her business while I watch from my kitchen, warm and dry!

And why do I consider Invisible Fencing a secondary tool only? First because it will not keep any other animals from coming into the area. That coyote you saw down the road last week would like nothing better than to have Fluffy for lunch. Second, I breed athletic, active sporting dogs with a strong prey drive and a high tolerance for pain. The shock from the invisible fence will not deter a Golden intent on chasing the neighbor's cat or that dang squirrel that's swinging from your bird feeder. But the shock will deter your dog from coming back into your yard. To me this is a lose lose situation.

I ask that you begin training your puppy right away by attending Puppy Kindergarten classes which are widely available. These classes not only help you to teach your pup good manners, they offer socialization with other pups and people. We live in a society that is becoming increasingly less dog friendly. A well trained, well socialized dog is one way to ensure your dog is welcome in most any situation. This will ultimately benefit you just as much as your dog!

For 30+ years I have made breeding quality Golden Retrievers my life's work. I carefully plan breedings that should produce a highly trainable, biddable retriever capable of doing the work it was developed to do, as well as being a healthy, beloved family companion. I stand behind the dogs I breed and will provide a support system for my customers. Should the need ever arise, I will take a dog of my breeding back, young or old. I do these things not only because I want to but because as a responsible, respected breeder I am expected to. I also feel the things that qualify me as a responsible, respected breeder allow me to have high expectations of my customers.

If you are willing and able to meet the requirements to own a Pebwin puppy, you will find out that I'm pretty easy to deal with.  So help me out, because I really do want to be nice!